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Production Program

  Used and reconditioned machining  centers

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In late 2010 ZPS-CNC USA acquired the assets of 3S incorporated.

ZPS-CNC USA has merged support for the Tree knee mill products into our core business. With nearly 60 years experience on Tree products in our office and 50+ more years experience with our field service people, there is no comparison to the support ZPS-CNC USA can provide for these products.

CNC Control Parts and Service

With so many machines supported for so many years, ZPS has amassed over $1.5M in total inventory, including many used and refurbished CNC control parts for Dynapath Delta 10-2000, plus quite possibly the only stock of the impossible to find DELTA 30 processor boards.

In addidtion to the parts, we provide in-house repair of all the Dynapath CNC Delta controls from Delta10-2000. We offer quick turn around and quality work, plus we can not only support the cnc control, but how it is interfaced with the machine tool with our years of experience. Nobody else can offer the full support package that we can.

We also repair the Tree PC-2100 (Acramatic A2100) controls and provide safe backup and data recovery when necessary. Our repair prices are extremely competetive and normal turn around time is 24-48 hours in most instances.

ZPS does NOT offer CF card "upgrades" for the 2100 controls due to long term reliability reliability problems. We offer a solid state plug in IDE module to handle the control's data needs.


Visit our CONTACTS page to speak to one of our skilled representatives.

Baldor Axis Drive Motors and Drives

ZPS-CNC USA has EXCLUSIVE rights to the Baldor motors MTE4535 special and CC22529 (was CC22525). We are offering these motors at a substantial savings from the previous prices charged by 3S and others.

  Tree Machine Kneemill Spindle Rebuild

ZPS-CNC USA takes pride in providing the best in quality and delivery on rebuilding the Tree Machine Spindles. Upon arrival spindles are completely disassembled and inspected for the rebuilding process.

The process is as follows:

Replace all Bearings
Replace all Springs
Replace all O-Rings
Replace Hardware as needed
Replace or refurbish Grease Shields as needed
Rework Pistons and Cams if necessary
Regrind Spindle Taper if necessary

Quill Work

Quill is Polished
Quill is Honed
Quill is Superfinished

All spindles are tested on our test stand and must pass temp and run out testing.
Tree Machine Tool Models and Types

2 VG

Tree Machine Spindle Versions:

Tree Machine Tools made many different revisions in the spindles for the kneemill machines. Our speciality is identifying and rebuilding them for you. Here are just a few samples of the differences. We are able to rebuild all Tree Machine Kneemill spindles whatever RPM and version.

-Spindle Version Journeyman 325 (J-325)

Tree Machine had 3 different versions of the J-325 Spindle. We can help you to determine what version you have.
Revision 1 & 2 Key guard rotates with Spindle, spindle held in with snap ring.
Revision 3 Spindle held in w/ nut and key guard is stationary.

-Spindle Version Journeyman 425 (J-425)

The 425 spindles are all revision 3.




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