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 Value-Line M4 Vertical Machining Center    


The ZPS-CNC USA M4 Value-Line machine is built in the old tradition of hardened box ways, wide stable base castings and high torque spindles. This traditional sturdy design is then combined with modern, reliable electronics to be a direct replacement to the ZPS built TREE VMC 840, VMC1050, VMC1060 machines.

The Value-Line machines come equipped with DynaPath Delta 2000M CNC Control, 12" Color LCD, Yaskawa AC Servo Axis Motors, Full Enclosure, Cartridge Type 15HP, 8,000 rpm Spindle with Chiller, 24 Tool Swing Arm Type Toolchanger (CAT40), Electronic Handwheel, Rigid Tapping, Maximum Part Program Storage, and CF Card... Maximizing the chip-cutting value.



  DynaPath Delta2000 CNC control 
  12" color LCD
  Yaskawa axis motor and drives 
  Central lubrication system
  Coolant unit 
  24 Tool Arm-type ATC
  8,000 rpm spindle
  Dual-wound spindle motor 
  Electronic handwheel
  Maximum part program storage
  CF card for program transfer
  Front-mounted air gun
  Front-mounted coolant gun
  Compact footprint
  Screw-type chip auger sysem


  10,000 rpm spindle
  Coolant through spindle
  Belt-type chip conveyor
  Various rotary table and indexers
  High speed machining
  More on request


 Machine specifications M4 pdf

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