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   H 1000 Horizontal Machining Center

Classic version of the horizontal machining center with rotary table and automatic pallet changer for complex, powerful, and accurate machining of  box shaped and flat pieces with max. dimensions of 1400x1300 mm(55.1" x 51.2")
Maximum pallet load
5,500 lb

This is a full four axis machining center, not cheap a
1-degree unit like the competition.

The machine concept includes the T-shape bed with sliding column (X-axis) where the spindle head move in the vertical direction (Y-axis). The motion of the Z-axis is carried out by the rotary table (B-axis) with a workpiece. Pallet changer is designed not to load the machine chassis and increase accuracy and longievity.

H1000 FIVE AXIS is the five-axis model with 2-axis tilting CNC table and coordinate system type tool changer.    

Spindle drive with planetary gearbox provides maximum usable power 28/43 kW (37/57 hp)
with maximum speed of
8,000 rpm.
Torque 342/526Nm (252/388 ft-lb)
Digital AC feed servo
Linear roller ways in all all axes.
Machine is equipped with automatic tool changer with 56 tool capacity.

Automatic pallet changer considerably increases labor productivity, enables workpiece clamping, releasing and gauging on the pallet outside the machining space during automatic cycle.



SINUMERIK 840D or Heidenhain control
SIEMENS /Heidenhain digital drives
Planetary gearbox
Automatic pallet changer
Heidenhain linear scales
NC rotary table with pallet- B-axis
Automatic tool changer, 56tool pockets
Spindle taper CAT/ISO50
Coolant unit with tool cooling system           
Through spindle cooling with coolant or air
Through spindle coolant unit with filtration unit
Hydraulic power unit
Swarf conveyor system
Electronic thermal compensation 



Spindle taper ISO 40, CAT 40, BT 40
                       CAT 50, BT 50
Tilting rotary table (FIVE AXIS)
Tool setting probe  
Workpiece measuring probe
Work zone upper and lower wash-out     

Hydraulics to pallet
FANUC control, motor, drive package

4500rpm high-torque option (970 ft-lb)
Electrospindle 14,000 rpm, HSK-A100, 50hp, 174lb/ft
Electrospindle 18,000 rpm, HSK-A63, 41hp, 115lb/ft


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